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What happens if I don’t verify my identity?

Identity verification is essential for ensuring every KrispCall workspace belongs to a legitimate business or an individual. It helps us regulate and maintain customer compliance with our upstream service providers and carriers. On the other hand, it plays a vital role in fighting phone frauds.

What happens if I don’t verify my identity?

You won't be able to relish the features to their full extent without verification. You will have limited functionalities in your workspace as well.

1. Outgoing SMS Limitation

You can send a maximum of 20 SMS in total. When running a business, it's important to send a lot of SMS messages. So if you want to have smooth communication with your clients and customers, the number of SMS messages you can send may not be enough.

That's because, around 23 billion SMS are sent daily, narrowing down to an average of 72 messages per consumer daily. So you'd need at least a 2000 SMS daily limit for a proper SMS marketing campaign.

2. Talktime Constraint

Every call (outgoing/incoming) will last for only 15 minutes. There are times you require a longer time limit to close a deal or support your customer. In such situations, interrupted business calls every quarter an hour seem unprofessional.

3. No concurrent calls

KrispCall provides you with number sharing feature. It enables you to share a number among several individuals and make numerous calls using that number simultaneously (at the same time).

However, you only get to enjoy this feature with verification. You can only make a single call per workspace without identity verification. Concurrent calls (multiple calls at a time from the same number) are essential in business communication for productivity and the economy.

4. Number Purchase Limit

You will be allowed to purchase only 5 phone numbers without verification. Five phone numbers may sustain small business communication. However, other aspects will be hampered without concurrent calls and a 20 SMS limit. In cases of mid and large businesses, 5 phone numbers aren’t sufficient to sustain the communication requirements.

All these limitations apply to all subscriptions until verification. Once verified, you can enjoy the features based on your subscription plan to their full extent.

How do I verify my identity?

To verify your identity, you have a couple of options. You can send us an email at [[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#a3d0d6d3d3ccd1d7e3c8d1cad0d3c0c2cfcf8dc0ccce) and include screenshots showing specific details such as the card issuer company or bank, the last four digits of the card number you used in KrispCall, the statement showing charges to KrispCall, and the name of the cardholder. These details are explained in more detail later in the article.

Alternatively, you can initiate a conversation in our live chat and provide the same information and screenshots. Our team will guide you through the verification process and ensure your identity is properly verified.

What are the best practices for a successful verification?

Basically, identity verification enables us to gain an in-depth insight into our customers’ side. We want to make sure the right individual is on the other side and not some pretend person without the consent of the actual card owner. We verify this using the customer’s bank or card details rather than personal information.

For a successful verification, we need you to provide us with a card statement or screenshot of your online banking that clearly shows the following:

1. The card issuer company/bank

Your document (card statement or screenshot) should clearly display the details of the card issuer company or the bank.

2. Last four digits of the Card Number that you have used in KrispCall

The last four (4) digits of the card number you have used in your KrispCall subscription. A mismatch of the digits will halt your verification process. It will indicate a fraudulent act on the customer's side, prolonging the verification process.

3. Charge statement from KrispCall

You also need to provide us with the latest bank statement or charge (card) statement that clearly shows the transaction details involving payment made to KrispCall. You can send us a screenshot for your convenience.

4. Name of the cardholder

The official name of the cardholder that is registered with the card issuer company/bank and KrispCall.

Verifying these details and documentation helps us build a fraud-free environment around KrispCall. It promotes a consensual business atmosphere with only lawful intentions.

How does identity verification work?

We use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool for identity verification processes. This technology is used across numerous companies around the globe. Google and Amazon are also part of their consumer base. The AI is programmed to identify if the provided document is fake and run several scenarios to generate responses accordingly.

To simplify its task, the verification process includes the following:

1. Tally with Global banking system database

Once you submit your data, we feed it to the AI system. The AI extracts data, runs reviews, and tallies your banking details on its (own) and global banking system databases (government database) to ensure authenticity. The entire process is based on pattern detection and optical character recognition.

2. Review Past Transactions

Your past transactions on the provided card are also referenced and reviewed to see if they were legit. The review process considers several bases and fundamentals, like authorized payments made to vendors and service providers, refunds requested and acquired, dispute history, etc. All these factors are accessed and reviewed in-depth in verification.

Who has access to my verification data?

Your verification data is limited within the bounds of KrispCall and no further. We do not share your detail with any third party. We value our customers and their privacy and protection more.

Can I get verified using a different method?

Apparently no. At this moment, this is the only verification method KrispCall offers. You need to comply and go through this to get verified.

Can I access or delete my verification data?

No. You cannot access or delete your verification data stored in KrispCall’s database.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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