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How to sign up and create an account in KrispCall?

Want to quickly sign-up with a top business phone number provider? Signing up with KrispCall and getting your dedicated phone number is as simple as these 7 steps:

Sign up and create an account in KrispCall

Step 1: Go to the, home page and click on the "Get Started" button. The click will lead you to a new Registration page.

Step 2: Fill out your personal information, such as Your name, email address, organization, phone number, and password, tick the captcha, and click the Sign up button to continue.

Step 3: Then enter a name for your workspace , and click on the Next button.

Step 4: Select your subscription plan and toggle the payment option. You can select the Essential and the Standard by clicking the Choose buttons. The enterprise plan has a special process for a subscription.

Step 5: Fill in the (payment) card details such as cardholder name, card number, expiry date, and CVC, then click on the Confirm Payment.

Step 6: Now, you will be directed to your dashboard.

Step 7: A sticky message will appear on top to verify your account. Click the link and complete verification, and you will be redirected to the dashboard again.

Finally, you have created your account in KrispCall.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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