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What documents are required to get an international virtual phone number?

Different countries have specific rules and regulations regarding virtual phone numbers. KrispCall regards all regulatory communication laws while assigning virtual numbers to its customers.

It means we ask our customers to submit necessary documentation depending on the country they request their numbers.

This procedure eliminates future complications and, more importantly, prevents the misuse of the assigned numbers. It benefits both of us.

Documents required to get an US, UK, and Canada international virtual phone number

You need not submit special documentation for USA, UK, and Canada virtual phone numbers.

Documents required to get international virtual phone number ( other countries)

The documents required to get international virtual phone numbers from the rest of the countries vary depending upon the rules and regulations of different countries.

The table below illustrates the documentation you might be asked for while purchasing a virtual phone number. Again, the documents you must submit aren't the same for all countries.

The documents below are usually basic and are mandatory for most countries. And sometimes, only the ones required.

Personal informational document for a private phone number

Company’s Informational documents for a business phone number

The documents you might be asked to submit can be any of those mentioned above. In some cases, you might have to present extra documents.

The above tables have a tentative idea of the required documents to obtain virtual phone numbers.

P.S. You need not provide everything mentioned above, one for each category will do.

For more details, you can contact KrispCall sales teams.

To manually find out, visit the virtual phone number page for country specific document requirements. Details in the FAQ section.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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