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How to share my phone number with other team members?

What exactly is a shared phone number? A shared number is just a phone number that allows multiple team members to call and text from the same number.

As a result, you can collaborate with your team on customer communication. Stay on the same page effortlessly by delegating tasks and responsibilities among your team members.

How and where can you use shared numbers?

You can use a shared phone number in a variety of ways:

The primary phone number for your company

Inbound sales number

Support phone number

An exclusive number for VIP customers shared between the founders

How does shared phone number work?

The app rings for everyone. When someone makes a call-the first person to pick up stops it from ringing for others, concurrent calls are possible, so there is never a wait time.

All messages, voicemails, and call history sync, so you know if a team member opened a conversation.

A team member's name is clearly displayed on every message.

In a conversation, it is possible to see what each team member is typing.

Everyone sharing the number has access to your business address book, so if someone adds a customer, all team members will have it.

Your teammates can view and respond to any internal comments you or your teammates leave on messages, calls, or voicemails.

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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