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How to purchase a number in KrispCall?

The Add New Number button is for purchasing and acquiring a new number. We have more than 100 countries in our lists to buy a number from. To search a number of your desire, select the desired country from the drop down menu in the Country text Box, Choose from which area you need a number which basically shows cities or states of that country.

Below that, there is an Ability Filter. It's an option for filtering out the numbers depending on their abilities like Voice, SMS, or MMS or all of them. On the right, options for choosing Local, Mobile, or Toll free are provided which basically filters out only those types of numbers which you have marked to look for.

Under Advanced option, You will find the “Number” text box. This feature allows users to filter out only those numbers which have special digits of desire in the search results.

For example, I may be interested in buying a number which has triple two (222) in the phone number. I just need to type 222 in the text box and select from a drop down in the Match To options. There are three options available in Match To,

Anywhere in the Number.

First part of the Number.

Last part of the Number.

These options filter out search results with the rules you just created in Match to.

The final filter you can use is Address Requirement. There are various laws to follow and requirements to fulfill before purchasing numbers across borders.

Many other countries have their specific set of rules before buying numbers which needs to be fulfilled before the process even starts.

Please contact our support team to know more about country specific regulations regarding number purchases.

Once you click the Search Numbers button fulfilling all above requirements, a list of available numbers appears on the page. You just need to confirm your desired number, ability, type, setup fee, and monthly usage fee before adding numbers to the purchase list.

For now we are not charging any setup fee to purchase numbers but there are other providers like us who are charging a good sum of money as setup fees. In future, we shall also charge customers a setup fee. Monthly fee is just the rental fee for the particular number. Additional call charges and SMS charges are charged according to the tariff rates. Our tariff list will be live soon on the website.

Purchasing some numbers could take some time and it can be seen in the marked section in the illustration below. Some purchase requests can be rejected due to some reasons which can also be seen in the marked section below with Amount and Status Details as Rejected or Pending.

Updated on: 05/02/2024

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