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How to Integrate Your Zoho Account with KrispCall?

KrispCall and Zoho are the perfect combination to enhance your telephony conversations. Connecting this powerful duo allows you to manage your contacts, automate workflows, and seamlessly make and receive calls directly in the Zoho interface.

With this integration, you can easily access a 360-degree view of the customer journey, even during calls. Besides that, KrispCall and Zoho integration offers you multiple features and benefits.

So, let’s discuss some key features and benefits you get from KrispCall and Zoho integration. Also, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step method for integrating your Zoho account with KrispCall.

Features You Will Get After Integrating Zoho with KrispCall

The KrispCall and Zoho integration allows you to use several features. Here are some key features:

1. Two-way contact synchronization

With KrispCall and Zoho integration, you can easily add and update contacts on either platform, and the contacts will be automatically reflected on other platforms. The two-way contact syncing features ensure that you have access to up-to-date and accurate contact information.

The integration reduces manual errors and the risk of duplicate data. Moreover, this feature makes sure that everyone is working with the same information, which is essential for effective communication and collaboration.

2. Automatic call logging

The integration of KrispCall and Zoho has made it easier to track phone calls on both platforms. This integration automatically logs your calls and provides you with an in-depth report on received calls, missed calls, inbound and outbound calls, and voicemails, all within your Zoho account.

Moreover, this feature eliminates the need for manual logging of call details, freeing up your agents to focus on other important tasks. It also helps you keep a record of all conversations for future reference.

3. Detailed analytics and reporting

The KrispCall and Zoho integration provides detailed reports on call performance. These reports provide detailed statistics on key metrics such as call duration, volume, and quality. This can help you identify customer trends and patterns and areas for improvement.

Additionally, with this data in hand, you can use it to develop better marketing campaigns and target the right customers. Furthermore, you can utilize the data to optimize your customer service processes and refine your customer experience, which can help build customer loyalty and trust.

4. Instant caller identification

Another impressive feature of this integration is instant caller identification. Through the two-way contact syncing between KrispCall and Zoho, you can easily access caller information within your Zoho interface.

This means that when a call comes in, you can immediately see the caller's details, like name, contact number, and other relevant information, before you receive the call, allowing you to prepare for the conversation.

Having access to the caller's details enables you to address their concerns promptly, resulting in more personalized conversations, increased customer satisfaction, and effective support.

5. Click to call functionality

The KrispCall and Zoho integration allows you to place calls directly from your Zoho dashboard within a couple of clicks. This functionality has completely eliminated the hassle of switching between tabs to make calls.

These features increase efficiency and productivity, allowing you to make hundreds of calls in less time. Moreover, this eliminates the need to remember phone numbers, as you can simply search for them with the click of a button, relieving you from the burden of manual tasks.

Benefits of Integrating Zoho with KrispCall

Integrating Zoho with KrispCall offers you an array of benefits. Here are some major benefits of this integration:

1. Streamlined workflow and increased productivity

The KrispCall and Zoho integration facilitates smooth workflow and boosts productivity. This integration eliminates time-consuming and repetitive tasks, significantly reducing administrative burdens.

Furthermore, this integration reduces the need for data entry tasks like adding or updating contacts into multiple systems, simplifying the workflow, and increasing accuracy. Additionally, it eliminates the need to search for phone numbers manually, saving time and resources.

2. Effortless lead management

Integrating KrispCall with Zoho automatically creates leads in Zoho whenever you make or receive calls. KrispCall automatically identifies existing leads and logs new leads into your Zoho account. This helps to streamline your workflow and ensures that no lead is ever missed. It also eliminates the need to manually enter leads, saving you time which can be used to focus on more productive tasks.

3. Improved collaboration

The integration of KrispCall and Zoho offers a unified platform that combines all your call data and customer information in one place. This means that regardless of whether you are working in sales, support, or marketing teams, you can access important details such as call recordings, previous interactions, and notes within the Zoho interface.

Moreover, each department can access customer information quickly, which fosters better collaboration among team members and helps to streamline workflow processes.

4. Eliminate switching between apps

With KrispCall integrated with Zoho, you can incorporate all your interaction channels, including SMS, calls, emails, and voicemails, into your Zoho interface. This lets you keep track of all customer interactions while staying on the same page.

It also helps you save time and effort, as you don’t have to switch between tabs frequently. Furthermore, this facilitates smooth workflow and lets you connect easily with your customers.

5. Better customer experience

The KrispCall and Zoho integration lets you view complete customer history within your Zoho interface. This lets you easily access customers’ information, such as past purchases, interactions, and support tickets. You can utilize this information to provide a personalized customer experience, which leads to better customer satisfaction and retention rates.

How to Integrate Zoho with KrispCall?

Simply follow these steps to integrate your Zoho account with KrispCall:

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and select Settings.

Step 2: Within the Settings menu, you'll find the Integrations option under App Settings. Simply click on it.

Step 3: After that, you will see a list of business tools and CRM software that you can integrate with KrispCall. To integrate KrispCall with Zoho, click the Connect → button below.

Step 4: When you click 'Connect', a new pop-up window appears, asking you to accept or reject the integration of the Zoho account with KrispCall. Click on the Accept button to proceed.

Step 5: Once you click the accept button, you will be redirected to the KrispCall application, where the integration success message will appear.

Step 6: Once Zoho is integrated with KrispCall, users can enable/disable different settings. To change your settings, click the three-dot Ellipsis icon (...) next to the Zoho and select the edit option.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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