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How to Integrate Your Crisp Account with KrispCall?

Integrating Crisp and KripCall is a great move to increase your call center efficiency and boost customer satisfaction. Connecting these two platforms allows you to seamlessly manage your contacts, identify callers even before receiving calls, and automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

In this article, we’ll be providing a step-by-step guide on how you can integrate your Crisp account with KrispCall, along with the features and benefits it provides.

Features Unlocked by Integrating Crisp with KrispCall

Some of the features you can get by integrating Crisp with KrispCall include:

1. Two-way Contact Syncing

Integrating KrispCall with Crisp offers two-way contact syncing. This feature automatically syncs all the contact details on both platforms (KrispCall and Crisp), providing real-time insights into contact details. You can access all contact details from either platform, saving time and minimizing your workload.

Moreover, if you make any changes to one contact detail on one system, they will also affect another. For example, if you add, edit, or remove contact details from KrispCall, Crisp’s data will also change.

2. Automatic Call and Text Logging

The KrispCall and Crisp integration allows you to access all your inbound and outbound calls and texts from both platforms. With this integration, all your call information, caller ID, and duration will automatically be logged within both platforms, providing comprehensive records of every conversation detail.

This feature maintains a record of discussions and decisions, tracks performance, and evaluates the team’s efficiency without any hassle.

3. Click-to-Call

Integrating Crisp with KrispCall offers click-to-call features that allow you to call directly from Crisp CRM with just a single click. These features completely eliminated the hassle of finding phone numbers and switching between apps and tabs to make a call.

It helps the sales and marketing teams contact their prospects without switching between apps to start a call.

4. Identify Your Caller

The KrispCall and Crisp integrations offer a caller ID feature that informs you of the details of incoming calls and who is calling. Integrating your Crisp account with KrispCall will automatically synchronize all your caller information with KrispCall’s phone records.

You can identify and view the caller’s information, including name, phone number, and other details, with the Crisp interface. This helps you identify the caller immediately, which enables you to tailor your conversation.

5. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

When you integrate KrispCall and Crisp, you get important details about your calls, like how long they last, if any were missed, and recordings of the calls. You can see all this information directly in your Crisp account. This helps you work more efficiently, understand your customers better, and make better choices.

Moreover, you can gain deep insights into your sales and marketing efforts and improve your campaigns, understand what your customers want, and make them happier.

Benefits of Integrating Crisp with KrispCall

Crisp and KrispCall integration offers various benefits. Here are five major benefits:

1. Enhance Efficiency

Integrating your Crisp account with KrispCall makes it easier to finish tasks. Automation makes things faster and easier for agents. Agents don’t have to manually log call details as this integration automatically records every call detail within the respective contact details on both platforms.

Moreover, agents can manage phone calls directly from the Crisp dashboard without switching apps. This saves time and allows them to speak with more customers, which helps them make more sales. Ultimately, integrating systems boosts productivity by making communicating and connecting with customers easier and automating tasks.

2. Reduce Manual Entering Work

With the integration of Crisp and KrispCall, you can avoid manually typing data. The integration automatically synchronizes contacts and activities between Crisp and KrispCall. This helps prevent mistakes that can happen when typing information by hand and minimizes human errors.

It allows agents to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. Plus, it keeps all the data current on both systems at the same time.

3. Better Customer Service and Communication

When you properly integrate the Crisp account with KrispCall, customer service representatives can easily access customer information and respond to questions faster. This means customers don't have to wait long for answers.

Additionally, syncing contact details between KrispCall and Gong CRM ensures that agents have complete customer profiles. This helps agents provide personalized support based on the latest information about each customer.

4. Call Tracking and Analysis

By integrating Crisp CRM with KrispCall, you can easily monitor all your calls directly within your Crisp interface. You can also study the call details to find ways to improve and understand how customers interact with you.

Moreover, you can identify areas for improvement and gain valuable insights into customer interactions. This lets you see patterns in customer questions, check how well your agents are doing, and find ways to improve your communication with people.

5. Improved Collaboration Across Teams and Departments

KrispCall and Crisp integration allow teams and departments to share information and communicate easily across the department. They can access call recordings, notes, and past interactions in one place (Crisp).

This streamlines communication and collaboration, allowing teams to work together more effectively. It also makes communication smoother and helps teams work together better.

How to Integrate a Crisp Account with KrispCall?

Integrating a Crisp account with krispCall is an easy process. Simply log in to your KrispCall account, navigate to the integrations section, and select Crisp, choose the Crisp account you want to integrate with KrispCall, and make any necessary adjustments to complete the integration.

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and Go to Settings.

Step 2: You can find Integrations below the App Settings in the Settings menu. Then, click on it.

Step 3: Once you click, a new window will open, showing the list of business tools and CRM software you can integrate with KrispCall. To integrate KrispCall with Crisp, click the Connect → button below Crisp.

Step 4: Click on the connect button, which opens a new page on which the user will be asked to continue the integration if they are already logged in to the Crisp account, as shown in the image below.

Step 5: Click continue. After clicking continue, the integration will be successful, and you’ll see a message in the image below.

Integration settings

After integrating Crisp into KrispCall, users can enable/disable different settings. Here first comes the general setting.

Point to remember: When the integration is done for the first time, all the setting options for general and workflow settings will be on by default.

1. General Settings

The three dots of active integration have two options: “Edit and delete.” If you want to edit the integration, simply click on the three dots (...) and choose the edit option. The edit options provide various other settings options where users can make changes according to their requirements.

Under general settings, there are now 3 settings options available.

Create new contacts for calls: Crisp allows you to add new contacts to the address book. This feature supports one-way contact sync, meaning contacts created in KrispCall will be synced to Crisp if the toggle is enabled.
Contacts 2-Way sync: This feature enables two-way synchronization of contacts. When enabled, any contact added or updated in KrispCall will be synced to Crisp and vice versa. With the toggle on, initial contacts in Crisp and KrispCall will sync with each other, ensuring both platforms are always up-to-date.
Notes logging: Drop only notes in call details. This option is used to save/sync notes to Crisp only when the toggle is on.

2. Workflow settings

The workflow setting is present just after the general settings.

Under workflow settings, there are 5 settings options available.

Log outgoing answered calls as Calls(engagements)/ Disabled: If set to Call Disabled, the log of outgoing answered calls will not be saved or synced. If set to Calls Engagements, the log of outgoing answered calls will be saved and synced.
Log outgoing unanswered calls as Calls(engagements)/ Disabled: If set to Disabled, the log of outgoing unanswered calls will not be saved or synced. And if set to Calls Engagements, the log of outgoing unanswered calls will be saved and synced.
Log incoming answered calls as Calls(engagements)/ Disabled: When choosing Calls Disabled, the log of incoming answered calls will not be saved/synced. By making calls(engagements), the log of incoming answered calls will be saved/synced.
Log incoming unanswered calls as Calls(engagements)/ Disabled: By making disabled, the log of incoming unanswered calls will not be saved/synced. By making call engagements), the log of incoming unanswered calls will be saved/synced.
Log voicemails as Calls(engagements)/ Disabled: If you make the option disabled, the voicemail log will not be saved/synced, but if you make a call engagement, the log will be saved/synced.

3. Connected Numbers

The connected numbers setting is present just after the workflow setting. Under connected numbers, there is only 1 option available till now.

Log phone calls for these phone numbers: This option shows the list of purchased numbers. This setting ensures the log of selected numbers will only be saved in Crisp.


The integration of Crisp and KrispCall is a great way to reduce manual entry work and increase agents' efficiency.

When you integrate your Crisp account with KrispCall, you can use various comprehensive features, such as contact syncing, caller ID identification, click-to-call, and comprehensive analytics and reporting. These features can enhance workflow efficiency, streamline workflow, enhance customer engagement, and improve team collaboration.

Updated on: 21/06/2024

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