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How to Integrate Your Salesmate Account with KrispCall?

As businesses seek to stay competitive and meet their customers' evolving needs, integrating tools like Salesmate CRM with KrispCall has emerged as a game-changer.

When you bring Salesmate and KrispCall together, it's like unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities. It's not just about better telephony conversation; it's about boosting your sales team's productivity and efficiency.

In this blog post, we will explore the amazing features and benefits you'll experience when you integrate Salesmate with KrispCall. We will also provide easy steps on how to integrate your Salesmate account with KrispCall.

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Features You Will Get After Integrating Salesmate with KrispCall

The integration of KrispCall and Salesmate has various functionalities. Here are some key features of this integration:

1. Unified interaction platform

The KrispCall & Salesmate integration brings together two powerful interaction tools into a unified platform. For instance, the sales team can effortlessly make and receive calls within the Salesmate interface, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. Moreover, you can easily access SMS, call recordings, call notes, contact tags, and more without leaving your workspace.

Similarly, this not only streamlines your telephony conversation process but also ensures that all customer interactions are logged and tracked seamlessly within your Salesmate CRM dashboard.

2. Automatic call logging

One key advantage of this integration is access to the call logging feature. That means every call, whether inbound or outbound, is automatically logged within your Salesmate account. This includes all the relevant call details like call duration, date and time, outcomes, and more.

Furthermore, this feature not only ensures that all call activities are accurately recorded but can also be easily used by your team as a future reference for follow-ups and to analyze customer interactions to identify trends and patterns.

3. Two-way contact syncing

It can be a hassle for your agents to manually enter the data on two platforms simultaneously. But with KrispCall and Salesmate integration, you can easily add new contacts or update existing customer details in either platform (Salesmate/KrispCall) and the data will be automatically updated on both platforms.

Similarly, the two-way contact syncing ensures that your contact details are accurate and up-to-date across both platforms. Furthermore, it minimizes errors due to manual entry and saves agents valuable time.

4. Caller ID Identification

Salesmate's integration with KrispCall allows the display of caller details during incoming calls. For instance, you can easily view the caller’s information, including name, phone number, and other information that is associated with the call, directly on your Salesmate interface instantly when someone calls you.

Similarly, this feature enables agents to tailor their interactions based on the caller's details, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

5. Real-time call analytics

The KrispCall and Salesmate integration empowers the sales team with real-time call analytics and insights directly within the Salesmate CRM dashboard. That means sales reps or managers can easily track key metrics like call volume, duration, and conversion rates.

These metrics allow managers or supervisors to gain deeper visibility into team performance and identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach enables proactive decision-making and optimization of sales strategies.

Benefits of Integrating Salesmate with KrispCall

The integration of KrispCall and Salesmate offers you several benefits. Here are some of its key benefits:

1. Improved team collaboration

The KrispCall and Salesmate integration fosters improved collaboration among team members by offering a centralized platform for conversations and information sharing. For example, call recordings and logs serve as a centralized record of customer interactions, accessible to all relevant team members within Salesmate. This ensures that everyone is operating with the same information.

2. Increased sales conversion

By using features like call recordings, analytics, and reporting, the sales team can easily get to know about their prospects. Similarly, they can identify patterns, understand preferences, and identify pain points more effectively. This means they can craft their sales pitches, handle concerns efficiently, and, in the end, boost their chances of turning leads into customers.

3. Automation of repetitive tasks

KrispCall and Salesmate integration encourages automation by streamlining repetitive tasks such as follow-ups, reminders, and lead creation. This frees up valuable time for sales reps to focus on high-value activities like building relationships with prospects and closing deals, leading to increased productivity and improved outcomes.

4. Improved customer engagement

The effortless integration between KrispCall and Salesmate allows your team to engage with customers more effectively. For instance, with click-to-call functionality and automatic call logging, reps can initiate timely follow-ups, provide personalized assistance, and build stronger relationships with prospects and existing customers.

5. Data-driven decision making

KrispCall integration with Salesmate allows you to track key call metrics like call volume, call duration, and call outcomes. This data equips sales managers with valuable insights for optimizing team performance, identifying areas for coaching, and making data-driven decisions to improve overall sales results.

How to Integrate Salesmate with KrispCall?

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and select Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings menu, you'll find Integrations under App Settings. Click on it.

Step 3: After that, you will see different automation tools and CRMs that you can integrate with KrispCall. To integrate Salesmate from KrispCall, click on the Connect button below Salesmate.

Step 4: After clicking the connect button, you will see a pop-up window asking for your Salesmate email, session key, and domain.

Step 5: To obtain the subdomain and session key of Salesmate, you must first log in to Salesmate. After logging in, a dashboard will appear. On the right side, click on the Go to My account button.

Step 6: After coming up on the account page, you can see the Access key option and click on it.

Step 7: After clicking on the Access key, click on the Session Key and copy it.

Step 8: Now, paste the session key in the pop-up box of Salesmate. Also, paste the domain from Salesmate's URL, enter a valid email, and click on the next button.

Step 9: A confirmation message will pop up, and click on the Submit button.

Step 10: A CRM integration successful message will pop up, and Salesmate will be shown in active integrations in KrispCall.

Integration setting

After integrating Salesmate into KrispCall, users can enable/disable different settings. Here first comes the general setting.

Point to remember: When the integration is done for the first time, all the setting options for general and workflow settings will be on by default.

1. General Settings

The three dots of active integration have two options: “Edit and delete.” To edit the integration, click on the three dots and choose the edit option. The edit option provides different settings options, where users can make changes according to their requirements.

After clicking the edit option, three options are now available under general settings.

Create new contacts for calls

This button helps in one-way contact sync if the toggle is on. That is, the contact created in KrispCall gets synced to Salesmate. If the toggle is off, the contacts won’t be synced.

Contacts 2-Way sync

This button helps in 2-way contact sync if the toggle is on i.e. the contacts created in Salesmate get synced to KrispCall. If the toggle is off, then the contact won’t sync. This button also helps in initial sync i.e. if there are previous contacts either in KrispCall or Salesmate, then by toggling this button, the contacts get synced to both sides.

Noted logging

This option helps to sync notes created/edited/deleted from the conversation box or during the call to Salesmate. Toggling off this button will not sync notes to Salesmate.

2. Workflow settings

The workflow setting is present right after the general settings. All the options under workflow settings are set to Calls (Engagements) at first. Users can click on the settings and change them as per their requirements.

Under workflow settings, there are 5 settings options available till now.

Log outgoing answered calls as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled: Enabling the setting as Calls (Engagements) will sync the outgoing answered calls to Salesmate. Enabling the setting as Disabled will prevent the outgoing answered calls from being synced to Salesmate.
Log outgoing unanswered calls as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled: By enabling the setting as Calls (Engagements), the outgoing unanswered calls will be synced to Salesmate. By enabling the setting as Disabled, the outgoing unanswered calls will not be synced to Salesmate.
Log incoming answered calls as Calls engagements)/ Disabled: By enabling the setting as Calls (Engagements), the incoming answered calls will be synced to Salesmate. By enabling the setting as Disabled, the incoming answered calls will not be synced to Salesmate.
Log incoming unanswered calls as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled: Enabling the setting as Calls (Engagements) will sync the incoming unanswered calls to Salesmate. Enabling the setting as Disabled will not sync the incoming unanswered calls to Salesmate.
Log voicemails as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled: By enabling the settings as Calls (Engagements), the voicemail log will be synced to Salesmate. By enabling the setting as Disabled, the voicemail log will not be synced to Salesmate.

3. Connected Numbers

The connected numbers setting is present after the workflow settings. Only one option is available under connected numbers settings.

Log phone calls for these numbers: This option shows a list of available numbers, and the user can choose one or more numbers from the existing number of that workspace. This option helps log the phone calls of the selected numbers.

Note: If there are no selected numbers, then the call logs will not be synced in Salesmate.

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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