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How to Integrate Your Salesflare Account with KrispCall?

Integrating your Salesflare account with KrispCall results in greater efficiency, stronger client connections, and expanded sales. It enables businesses to improve their operations and customer engagement.

Integrating the two systems means sales teams, customer service agents, and phone-based workers have all customer data and call details combined in one place. They can better manage tasks, track interactions, and use insight from calls and accounts to personalize engagements.

This guide will help you understand the features, benefits, and step-by-step process to integrate your Salesflare account with KrispCall.

Features Unlocked by Integrating Salesflare with KrispCall

Integrating Salesflare with KrispCall has various functionalities. Here are some features unlocked by combining Salesflare with KrispCall:

1. Click-To-Call Functionality

This integration makes it effortless for salespeople to call customers swiftly. With KrispCall linked to Salesflare, agents can launch calls with just one click from inside the Salesflare program.

No more wasting time manually typing in phone numbers or bouncing between different apps just to connect with leads. With the click-to-call feature, salespeople can instantly start calls from the Salesflare dashboard.

Please note that in order to enable click-to-call functionality, it’s necessary to install the KrispCall Dialer extension on your browser. You can conveniently locate and install the extension by following this link.

2. Complete Customer History Access

By linking KrispCall to Salesflare, you get the full picture of customers right in your Salesflare workspace. This integration pulls together all past dealings, such as communications, purchases, notes from calls, voicemails, texts, emails, and more.

Having a complete customer history that is easily accessible helps salespeople know clients better. They can better understand the whole customer experience before chatting, which lets agents personalize talks based on history. Knowing the full journey means conversations fit what customers want. This higher level of service ultimately makes clients happier.

3. Contacts Sync Right Away

When connecting KrispCall to Salesflare, the first sync automatically matches contact info between the apps. This saves agents from typing in names and numbers twice. Instead of wasting time re-inputting data, agents can focus on chatting with customers.

Plus, the initial sync ensures contacts stay the same in both apps. That means reps always have the most up-to-date contact details on KrispCall or Salesflare. This first auto-sync streamlines the setup process and syncs customer information between the programs.

4. Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The integration delivers powerful reporting and analytics capabilities. Users can examine call details along with other client touchpoints logged in Salesflare. This gives teams important insights into customer journeys and how campaigns do.

The advanced reporting tools help identify what drives performance. Users gain visibility into what works best to engage customers at each stage. This type of performance analysis helps optimize strategies and improve results. The integrated reporting system provides a strategic edge.

5. Calls Are Automatically Logged

When KrispCall and Salesflare are connected, incoming and outgoing calls on KrispCall are straightaway logged in Salesflare CRM. Agents don't need to spend time writing out separate call logs.

Every logged call saves important information like date, time, length, caller's number, and notes. Having all call data together in one place makes it easy for agents to see. They can use the details to better help customers. Not spending time filling out call logs frees up agents to focus more on customers.

Benefits of Integrating Salesflare with KrispCall

Integrating Salesflare with KrispCall offers various benefits. Here are 5 of the main benefits:

1. More Personalized Customer Experiences

Providing customized service to each customer is crucial for any business's success. Salesflare integration with KrispCall helps companies get a 360-degree view of each client's details. It facilitates access to all data about them, important facts, their history with your brand, and their interests.

With a whole picture of each customer, personalizing each experience becomes seamless. Clients feel more valued because interactions are tailored to their unique situation. That stronger relationship builds loyalty and trust in your company. The integration streamlines personalized attention that drives business success.

2. Eliminates App Switching

Integrating KrispCall with Salesflare means agents can stay within one program instead of toggling between different applications. They won't have to exit Salesflare to use KrispCall and then go back - everything is brought together. This saves a lot of time because agents no longer need to open multiple tabs or apps to do their work.

They have all relevant info right at their fingertips within Salesflare itself. By removing the app switching, productivity, and efficiency are dramatically improved as agents can smoothly transition between tasks without interruption or delay. The integration keeps everything streamlined in one unified environment.

3. Enhanced Insights and Reporting

Salesflare integration with KrispCall upgrades your analytics and reporting functions by giving full insights and reports. With a fully integrated view, businesses get the comprehensive analysis needed to make better strategic moves.

Customizing reporting and analysis through integration provides actionable intelligence. This empowers organizations to sharpen operations and interactions in their pursuit of progress. The richer insights across linked programs also boost overall productivity.

4. Increased Sales

Integrating Salesflare with KrispCall can help lift overall revenue through automated processes and optimized worker efficiency. It offers smart tools that streamline workflows, saving time by reducing manual data movement.

With Salesflare, sales reps can focus on more important relationship-building activities. When the sales team can dedicate maximum effort to serving customers, business sales and satisfaction naturally increase. Salesflare removes roadblocks that previously held back revenue potential.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Salesflare integration with KrispCall gives businesses the flexibility and scalability to adapt to constant marketing changes. Its integration expands functionality for controlled growth.

Connecting Salesflare makes data accessible from anywhere, helping users make informed decisions to scale operations smoothly. Users can seamlessly engage customers and partners to strengthen relationships and advance the business.

How to Integrate Salesflare Account with KrispCall?

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and Go to Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings menu, you'll find Integrations under App Settings. Click on it.

Step 3: Clicking this will bring up a list of business tools and CRM software you can integrate with KrispCall. To integrate KrispCall with Salesflare, click on the Connect → button just below Salesflare.

Step 4: After clicking the connect button, a pop-up window will appear, asking for the API key.

Step 5: Log in to the Salesflare account and go to settings to get the API key.

Step 6: After landing on the settings page, scroll down and click on the API keys.

Step 7: A page will appear displaying the API key if the user has already created it. Copy that API key and paste it on the pop-up window of KrispCall.

Note: The user must create a new API key for the first-time integration.

Image displaying the API key

Submitting API key

Step 8: After submitting the API key, a “CRM integrated successfully” message will pop up, and Salesflare will be displayed in active integrations of KrispCall.

Integration settings

After integrating Salesflare into KrispCall, users can enable/disable different settings. Here first comes the general setting.

Point to remember: When the integration is done for the first time, all the settings for general and workflow settings will be set On by default.

1. General Settings

The three dots of active integration have two options: “Edit and delete.” To edit the integration, click on the three dots and choose the edit option. The edit option provides different settings where users can make changes according to their requirements.

After clicking the edit option, three options are now available under general settings.

Under general settings, there are now three settings options available.

Create new contacts for calls: This button helps in one-way contact sync if the toggle is on, i.e., the contact created in KrispCall gets synced to Salesflare. If the toggle is off then the contacts won’t be synced.
Contacts 2-way sync: This button helps in 2-way contact sync if the toggle is on, i.e., the contacts created in Salesflare get synced to KrispCall. If the toggle is off then the contact won’t be synced. This button also helps in initial sync i.e. if there are previous contacts either in KrispCall or Salesflare then by toggling this button the contacts get synced to both sides.
Notes logging: This option helps to sync notes to Salesflare, which are created/edited/deleted from the conversation box or during the call. Toggling off this button won’t sync notes to Salesflare.

2. Workflow settings

The workflow setting is present just after the general settings.

Under workflow settings, there are 5 settings options available till now.

Log outgoing answered calls as Calls(Engagements)/Disabled: If the setting is enabled as "Calls (Engagements)," then any outgoing phone calls that are answered will be synced and recorded in Salesflare. However, if the setting is set to "Disabled," outgoing calls will not be tracked or saved in the Salesflare system.
Log outgoing unanswered calls as Calls(Engagements)/Disabled: If the setting is enabled as “Calls(Engagements),” the outgoing unanswered calls will be synced to Salesflare. But, if the setting is set as Disabled, the outgoing unanswered calls will not be synced to Salesflare.
Log incoming answered calls as Calls(Engagements)/Disabled: If the setting is enabled as “Calls(Engagements),” the incoming answered calls will be synced to Salesflare. But, if the setting is set as Disabled, the incoming answered calls will not be synced to Salesflare.
Log incoming unanswered calls as Calls(Engagements)/Disabled: If the setting is enabled as “Calls(Engagements),” the incoming unanswered calls will be synced to Salesflare. By allowing the setting to be Disabled, the incoming unanswered calls will not be synced to Salesflare.
Log voicemail as Calls(Engagements)/Disabled: By enabling the settings as Calls(Engagements), the voicemail log will be synced to Salesflare. By allowing the setting to be Disabled, the voicemail log will not be synced to Salesflare.

3. Connected Numbers

The connected numbers setting is present just after the workflow setting.

Under connected numbers, there is only 1 option available till now.

Log phone calls for these phone numbers: This option shows a list of available numbers, and the user can choose one or more numbers from the existing number of that workspace. This option helps log the phone calls of the selected numbers.

Note: If there are no selected numbers, then the call logs will not be synced with Salesflare.

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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