How to Integrate Your noCRM Account with KrispCall?

Integration of noCRM + KrispCall offers you many advantages, such as communication enhancement, increased productivity, and customer service enhancement.

With KrispCall + noCRM integration, you can make and take phone calls, manage contacts, and track activities in a single platform. On top of it, you can also use KrispCall's feature-rich telephony and noCRM's robust customer management capability to always provide timely and professional customer service.

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn some key features and benefits and some easy steps to integrate your noCRM account with KrispCall.

Features You Will Get After Integrating noCRM with KrispCall

By integrating noCRM and KrispCall, you can streamline your workflow and boost your sales efficiency with these powerful features:

1. Click-to-call

Through KrispCall + noCRM integration, you can access a click-to-call feature that allows you to easily make and receive calls straight from the noCRM user interface. This function eliminates the trouble of manually dialing phone numbers and switching apps.

In addition, click-to-call functionality reduces errors when manually dialing numbers. Additionally, this feature helps your team connect with potential customers and provide effective customer service, which leads to a better customer experience.

2. Real-time contact syncing

Integrating your KrispCall call center with noCRM completely eliminates the need for manual data entry on two platforms. With this integration, you just have to update or add customer details in either platform (KrispCall or noCRM), and the data will automatically be updated on another platform in real time.

This real-time contact synching ensures that your team gets up-to-date information to tailor their conversation with customers. This feature eliminates errors, saves time, and empowers you to deliver a more personalized customer experience.

3. Caller ID

With KrispCall+noCRM integration, you will be able to identify callers before you even pick up the phone and treat your callers in a personalized manner. The caller ID feature gives you access to all the details of a caller, like their name, mobile number, and more, straight on the noCRM interface.

The Caller ID feature ensures you never miss potential customers. Moreover, you can organize calls based on customer information before receiving them and give them a more personalized experience.

4. Automatic call logging

The KrispCall and noCRM integration offers you a call-logging feature. That means every interaction made in KrispCall automatically logs within your noCRM after the call ends. This logged information includes call type (inbound/outbound), call duration, and caller information.

This feature ensures comprehensive conversation histories for each client. This centralized record-keeping not only streamlines workflows but also enables you to analyze call patterns and pinpoint areas for enhancement with ease.

5. Analytics and Reporting

Integrating your KrispCall call center and noCRM, you can gain valuable insights into your calling activities through detailed analytics and reporting. You can track key metrics such as call volume, handle time, and resolution rates within noCRM to analyze performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

KrispCall and noCRM together empower you to transform data into actionable insights, fueling exceptional customer service and driving business growth.

Benefits of Integrating noCRM with KrispCall

Integrating noCRM with KrispCall offers you invaluable benefits. Here are some key benefits:

1. Personalized sales calls

Integrating noCRM with KrispCall allows sales representatives to access detailed customer information within noCRM interface effortlessly. Sales reps can easily access this valuable information during calls enabling them to personalize interaction, address customer queries, and resolve them instantly.

2. Centralized customer data

The KrispCall and noCRM integration provides a complete view of customer data and interaction within a single interface. It completely eliminates the juggling between two platforms for sales representatives. This ensures a smooth workflow and increases the efficiency and productivity of your agents.

3. Eliminate manual data entry

The seamless integration between KrispCall and noCRM ensures a free data flow. That means all your call details, like call notes and recordings, are automatically logged within noCRM. This reduces the need for manually entering data and saves time for your sales reps.

4. Enhanced lead capture and qualification

Capturing leads is effortless with KrispCall+noCRM integration. You can easily capture leads within your noCRM account directly from KrispCall, ensuring no potential opportunities are missed. Also, access to customer information allows for more efficient lead qualification, enabling reps to prioritize leads based on their conversion potential.

5. Detailed call analytics

Integrating KrispCall and noCRM lets you track sales conversations. You can analyze key call metrics such as call volume, duration, and type easily. This valuable helps you to know the agent performance and detect the areas for improvement of your call center.

How to Integrate Your noCRM Account with KrispCall?

Integrating your noCRM account with KrispCall is easy. Follow these simple steps to integrate your noCRM account with KrispCall:

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and Navigate Settings.

Step 2: You’ll find the Integrations option under the App settings in the settings menu. Click on Integration to proceed.

Step 3: Then, available integration options will appear. Scroll down a bit and find noCRM. Click on the Connect → button located just below of noCRM.

Step 4: After clicking Connect → a new window will appear asking for details of your noCRM account. Please provide your noCRM subdomain, email, and account API key.

Step 5: To obtain the required information, log in to your noCRM account and navigate to the Admin panel.

Step 5 (Continued): Within the Admin panel, locate the Integrations option and select ‘API Keys’. Here, you’ll find the necessary details needed for integration.

Step 5 (Continued): You can even create a new API Key if you need one.

Step 6: Return to the KrispCall window (as mentioned in Step 4) and input the information obtained from your noCRM account into the respective fields. Once all details are provided, click the submit button to proceed.

Step 7: If the information provided is correct, KrispCall will confirm successful integration with noCRM. You’ll receive a notification indicating that the CRM has been integrated successfully. Additionally, you’ll find noCRM listed under the Active tab within KrispCall’s integration page.

Updated on: 25/04/2024

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