How to Integrate Your Microsoft Teams Account with KrispCall?

You must feel irritated when switching from Microsoft Teams to a separate calling platform to communicate with your teams.

However, Integrating KrispCall and Microsoft Teams improves communication and automates management duties. This integration allows you to call your team or customer with a single click, sync contacts, access conversation history, and more.

So, without any delay, let’s delve into this blog and learn about how to integrate Microsoft Teams with KrispCall, the features you get, and the benefits that will improve your means of communication and maintain smooth workflow.

Features You Will Get After Integrating Microsoft Teams with KrispCall

The integration of Microsoft Teams with KrispCall provides you with several powerful features that enhance your telephony workflow. Below are a few of this integration's best features.

1. Click-to-call

KrispCall’s integration with a Microsoft Teams account provides a click-to-call feature that allows you to make a call with just a click. This integration helps you and your team streamline your telephone workflows and prevents manual dialing to call someone.

Likewise, when you’re working on a project in Microsoft Teams and need to contact a colleague; with KrispCall integrated, you can click the number displayed in their profile to initiate a call directly from Teams.

2. Initial Contact Sync

When you integrate KrispCall with Microsoft Teams, the contacts saved in your Microsoft Teams account will automatically sync into KrispCall. This integration will also help you save time and avoid entering the same number twice.

Furthermore, KrispCall integration with Microsoft Teams ensures that your entire contact list is easily accessible on both platforms, eliminating the need to enter the contact manually.

3. Access to Conversation History

KrispCall and Microsoft Teams integration will allow you access to conversation history, which will help you gain helpful context for future interactions. It will also inform you about any previous discussions or agreements you must reference.

Likewise, assume you are following up with a client in Microsoft Teams; KrispCall integration with Microsoft Teams will allow you to easily access your calls and chat history from previous meetings with that client.

4. Data Centralization of Contacts

The integration of KrispCall and Microsoft Teams will simplify your team’s contact management. After this integration, you won’t have to manage your customer’s contact information in multiple places.

Not only that, but integrating KrispCall with Teams provides more information about individuals in Microsoft Teams, such as phone numbers, emails, and notes. This allows everyone on your team to access and update information from any device, wherever they are.

5. Real-time Call & SMS Notifications

The KrispCall integration with Microsoft Teams means that you’ll be able to optimize your communications and manage them more seamlessly. Notifications can be a feature for them as well, so you won't miss an important call or message during their real-time calls and SMS communications.

In addition, KrispCall will alert you in your Microsoft Teams right away when you get a call or an SMS in real time. This immediately enables you to follow up as needed without skipping anything that may be critical for the communication.

Benefits of Integrating Microsoft Teams with KrispCall

Integrating KrispCall into Microsoft Teams allows you to experience some benefits that will support collaboration among groups in your organization:

1. Helps Improve Agent Efficiency And Productivity

KrispCall eliminated the need for manual contact information searches and the entry of call notes during a live call, resulting in significant time-saving in both situations. In addition, the agents can collaborate via the same interface as their own teams, see the call history, and automate data entry in that single interface.

Integrating various advanced applications simplifies use for employees and customers, reducing distractions from core business functions.

2. Allows You To Automate Manual Data Entry Work

When a call is placed through KrispCall, important information can be immediately recorded and retrieved from Microsoft Teams without needing an agent to record the caller. As a result, employees will be more efficient, make fewer errors, and provide excellent customer service.

Likewise, KrispCall’s integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to bid farewell to the boring data entering.

3. Provides Seamless Call Handling

Integrating Microsoft Teams and KrispCall offers audio call users a smooth journey from themselves to the clients. With KrispCall integration, agents can manipulate the calls they give inside the interface of teams they are used to.

In addition, they can access call history, notes, and customer information all in one place, allowing them to provide more personalized and efficient support.

4. Brings Centralized Customer and Call Data

KrispCall’s integration with Microsoft Teams saves you time looking for information across multiple platforms. Similarly, this integration establishes a centralized repository for all of your customer and call data.

Equally important, this includes contact information, call logs, notes, and chat history. All this information is easily accessible to your team with Microsoft Teams, which promotes better collaboration and customer experience.

5. Helps With Remote Work

KrispCall+Microsoft Teams integration enables your remote workforce to stay connected to your teams and customers. It also enables teams with different locations to collaborate and communicate smoothly using Microsoft Teams.

Moreover, Clients can make and receive calls, access call history, and share information from anywhere in the familiar team environment. This integration improves teamwork and productivity among your squads working remotely.

How to Integrate Microsoft Teams with KrispCall?

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and Go to Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings menu, you'll find Integrations under App Settings. Click on it.

Step 3: Clicking this will include a list of business tools and CRM software you can integrate with KrispCall. To integrate KrispCall with Microsoft Teams, click on the Connect → button just below Microsoft Teams.

Step 4: Clicking on the Connect → button opens a new pop-up window asking you to select the account of the Microsoft Teams you want to integrate with KrispCall on an already logged-in on Microsoft Teams account.

Step 5: After clicking the accept button, you will be redirected to the KrispCall application, and the integration successful message will pop up on the screen.

Step 6: After integrating Microsoft Teams with KrispCall, users can enable/disable different settings. To change your settings, click on the three-dot Ellipsis icon (...) next to Microsoft Teams and select the Edit option.

Updated on: 07/05/2024

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