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Why does my number come up as "Scam Likely"?

Are your customers informing you that their phones display "Scam likely" whenever you call them?

Their phone carrier has likely labelled your number as a “Suspected Spam” or “Suspected spam caller” or something such. It is a standard procedure used by phone carriers to mitigate the increasing number of spam calls.

Reasons Why Your Number Appears As “Scam Likely” On Your Recipient's Phone

This situation occurs as an aftermath of various user activities. Some common ones are:

Spamming the same message to an overwhelming number of recipients in a short space of time.

Overloading the recipient's inbox with frequent messaging. Here the recipient’s phone carrier will flag your number as a scammer.

Due to unfortunate past events and user activities, the recipient’s phone carrier can flag your phone carrier’s entire platform as Spam.

The recipients themselves can report the sender’s number as spam caller, which immediately puts the number under restriction.

Exceeding the number of designated daily calls per number. A caller can only make a specified number of outbound calls per day.

Incomplete or improper setting of outbound caller ID on your system. It can cause the recipient’s system to misinterpret and flag your number SPAM automatically on the receiver’s network.

How to deal with it? Below are three fundamental things you should do to get your phone number clear from mislabels.

3 ways to remove “Scam Likely” from your number

Here're few ways to avoid your number appearing as "Scam Likely" on the recipient's phone.

1. Registering your phone number

First, register your phone number with FCC (Federal Communications Commission). Second, register and verify your phone number with Free Caller Registry. It helps you establish your number as a legitimate business number. Free Caller Registry backs your claim and notifies carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, US Cellular, and Sprint of your authenticity.

2. Remain Compliant

Make sure you abide by the communication laws and comply with relevant regulations, policies, and our Terms of Service.

3. Maintain consistent calling behavior

Despite following the above tips, your number can be flagged as “Scam Likely” if call recipients report your number. So knowing your limit helps.

Updated on: 13/05/2024

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