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How to port T-Mobile Phone Numbers to KrispCall?

KrispCall offers more flexibility, advanced features, and affordable pricing. So, if you are looking to enrich your T-Mobile number with these niceties, KrispCall will give you exactly that.

And in this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step process to port out your T-Mobile phone numbers to KrispCall.

Porting Requirements (To Be Considered Before Porting Out Your T-Mobile Phone Number)

Before initiating the porting process, there are a few things you need to consider. Some of the important things to consider are explained in detail below:

1. The Number Must Be Portable

The most fundamental requirement for porting is that the number must be portable. Although most of the T-Mobile phone numbers can be ported to KrispCall, it’s always safe to make sure of that.

Checking the eligibility for porting is quite easy with KrispCall. You can go to KrispCall’s Number Porting Eligibility Checker tool to conveniently test and find that out.

2. The Number Must be Active

You can only port your phone numbers if it’s active and in use. So, make sure that the number is active before applying for porting.

If your number is currently inactive but you are still looking to port out your T-Mobile number, you can request T-Mobile to activate your number and then proceed with porting.

3. Device Should Be Unlocked

A device locked into T-Mobile’s network cannot be ported. So, make sure that your number is unlocked at all costs.

If your device is locked in T-Mobile’s network, check T-Mobile’s SIM unlock policy to see if it’s eligible for unlocking.

4. Clear Outstanding Payments

Also, you can’t proceed with porting your T-Mobile phone number to KrispCall if you have outstanding bills with T-Mobile.

Thus, make sure you have cleared all the due bills, whether they are fees associated with your current phone service, unpaid balance, usage charges, equipment fees, taxes, or anything else.

5. Submission of Necessary Documents & Information

Lastly, you will have to submit some documents to KrispCall, which includes:

Customer Service Record (CSR)
Letter of Authorization (LOA) issued no more than 30 days ago
Phone Bill
6-digit Phone Number Transfer PIN

These documents must be up-to-date, correct, and adhere to krispCall’s suggested document format.

Information and Document Requirements (To be submitted to KrispCall)

The following is the information and documents you need to provide for porting your T-mobile phone number to KrispCall:

1. Phone Numbers

Know the T-Mobile numbers you wish to port to KrispCall, then make a list. Forward that list to the KrispCall support team.

Plus, make sure that the phone number is in E164 format (E164 numbers start with [+] [country code] [subscriber number including area code] and are up to fifteen digits long.).

2. Letter of Authorization (LOA)

The next thing you need to submit is the signed Letter of Authorization issued not more than 30 days ago. The LOA verifies your ownership of the number and provides everything porting representatives need to successfully transfer a number.

Note: An authorized user or owner of the number(s) must sign the LOA. Your LOA must contain the same user name and service address as the one provided by your current carrier.

Here is a sample of the LOA template:

LOA Template for T-Mobile Phone Number

3. Customer Service Record (CSR)

CSR is a document that provides information about your phone number. It generally contains information about these:

Billing Telephone Number (BTN)
Authorizing name
Account type
Service address
Business name
Account type
Current service provider name

T-Mobile and KrispCall will refer CSR for technical details to ensure a smooth transfer of your phone number.

4. Phone Bill

You also need to provide a scanned or electronic copy of your phone bill. But make sure it's a recent bill that isn't more than 30 days old.

5. T-Mobile Temporary Port Out PIN

Another document to submit is the Temporary Port Out PIN given by T-Mobile. This PIN confirms your identity during the transfer.

You can generate a temporary Port Out PIN via the T-Mobile mobile app or the T-Mobile Official website . To generate a Port Out PIN, you have to log in to your T-Mobile account with the correct credentials and select the Request a transfer PIN option available in the Line Settings menu under the Profile Settings.

For more details, Click here.

Note: Temporary Port Out PIN can only be generated for T-Mobile Personal accounts. If you have a T-Mobile Business or Government account, then you will have an account PIN/Passcode. Also, only the Primary account holder can generate a Temporary Port Out PIN.

How to port T-Mobile phone numbers to KrispCall?

Follow these steps to port your T-Mobile phone numbers to KrispCall:

Step 1: First, using our Phone Number Portability Checker tool, check whether your phone number is eligible for porting or not. If you come across any problem while using the checker tool, you can reach out to our support team via Live Chat or email us at or .

Step 2: Once you are done with checking and are still interested in porting your phone number to KrispCall, then submit your porting request to our porting team via email or live chat.

Step 3: Our number porting team will get back to you after they have received your request. They will explain all the requirements you need to follow and the documents you need to submit.

Step 4: Submit the necessary documents (mentioned above) along with your T-Mobile Temporary Port Out PIN via email at . Make sure the documents are correct and current.

Step 5: Upon receiving the documents, our team will check them. Once verified, our team will initiate the porting process. Even if the submitted documents don’t match our requirements, our team will be there to help you try again.

Note: You will have to keep your phone number active during the entire porting process.

Step 6: You will be notified immediately via call, message, or email indicating your number has successfully transferred. You can now access the number easily from the KrispCall app.

Step 7: Discontinue your T-Mobile service once your number has been ported to KrispCall.


How do I transfer my T-Mobile phone number to another carrier?

To transfer your T-Mobile phone number to another carrier, you have to contact the T-Mobile customer support team . Also, you will have to get the following documents from T-Mobile:

Account Number
Temporary Port Out PIN (for personal account)
Account PIN/Passcode (for business account)
Phone bill

After you have these documents, contact the other carrier to start the port-out process.

How can I get a T-Mobile Temporary Port Out PIN for porting?

You can get a T-Mobile temporary Port out PIN for porting via the T-Mobile mobile app or official website.

Follow these steps to get a T-Mobile temporary Port out PIN via the T-Mobile mobile app:

Install the T-Mobile app and log in.
Navigate to the Account menu and select the Profile Settings option.
Choose the Line Settings option > select the Request a transfer PIN option.
Follow the on-screen directions.

Follow these steps to get a T-Mobile temporary Port out PIN via the T-Mobile mobile app:

Visit the T-Mobile website and log in.
Click on the My Account option present in the top right corner.
Select Profile option > Select Line Settings.
Select Request a transfer PIN > Select the Get a transfer PIN option.
Follow the on-screen directions.

How long does it take for T-Mobile to release your phone number?

T-Mobile usually takes 10 minutes to 3 hours to release wireless lines and takes anywhere from 3-10 days to release landlines.

Updated on: 06/02/2024

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