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How to Integrate Your Outreach CRM Account with KrispCall?

Integration of Outreach CRM + KrispCall offers several benefits, such as smooth call management, personalized customer service, and increased business efficiency and productivity.

With the integration of Outreach CRM with KrispCall, you can automate data entry, centralize calls, and track activities on just one platform. Not only that, but it also helps sales reps to see these efficiently without having to switch between platforms.

In this blog, you will get to explore some key features, benefits, and a simple step-to-step guide to integrate your Outreach account with KrispCall.

Features You Will Get After Integrating Outreach CRM with KrispCall

Integration Outreach CRM with KrispCall provides you with different features such as:

1. Make calls directly from Outreach.

Integrating KrispCall with Outreach CRM makes initiating calls and contacting your leads easy. This integration provides you with a click-to-call functionality that allows you to make calls in just one click within the Outreach interface.

With this integration, you no longer need to switch between tabs, making it easier to use and also increasing agents' efficiency. In addition, using this feature, agents can initiate hundreds of calls effortlessly.

2. Centralized caller information

KrispCall and Outreach CRM integration allows agents to gather all caller details in one single platform, providing easy access to important information. This centralized system allows agents to see caller names, numbers, and past interactions directly in Outreach.

Since all this information is available in one place, agents can tailor conversations accordingly and build meaningful relationships with customers.

3. Track activities & reports to enhance sales

The integration between KrispCall and Outreach CRM software enables you to keep track of all your call activities, take calls, and make contact notes. It also helps you to filter the important record details within Outreach itself.

Further, it provides businesses with an overview of the performance of their sales team and identifies patterns and other useful information. This helps you to analyze and evaluate interactions to improve your sales strategies.

4. Listen to call recordings & voicemail.

KrispCall and Outreach integration automatically records and stores calls. This stored call can be listened to by managers or supervisors easily in the future to analyze conversations. Analyzing these recorded calls helps managers to identify the areas for improvement and agent performance.

This helps them to coach agents where they are lacking, which eventually increases their efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of Integrating Outreach CRM with KrispCall

Here are some of the key benefits of integrating Outreach CRM with KrispCall

1. Automatic data entry

With this KrispCall and Outreach integration, all your call logs get automatically added to your Outreach CRM, avoiding manual entry of data. This saves you a lot of time and provides a comprehensive record of all your interaction with customers, which can be taken as reference in future.

2. Optimized sales workflows

The KrispCall and Outreach CRM integration eliminates the need to switch between different tools and helps to smoothen the workflow. This means sales teams can now focus more on major tasks and avoid interruptions while reaching out to customers.

3. Contextual interactions

The Outreach CRM+KrispCall integration provides sales agents with access to important customer details like purchase history, past interactions, etc, within the Outreach CRM during calls. This helps them to initiate more personalized conversations while reaching out to customers.

4. Improved customer satisfaction

KrispCall and Outreach CRM integration helps to easily keep track of all the customer interactions. These interactions further make it easier for agents to engage in positive interaction with customers leading to customer satisfaction.

5. Easy Access to Reports

Using KrispCall + Outreach CRM features, businesses can timely monitor their progress and measure the level of effectiveness of the outreach efforts. It also helps to generate detailed reports on call activity and their success rates.

How to Integrate Outreach CRM with KrispCall?

Step 1: Log in to your KrispCall account and Go to Settings.

Step 2: In the Settings menu, click on the Integrations right under the App Settings. Click on it.

Step 3: When you click on it, it will bring up a list of business tools and CRM software that you can integrate with KrispCall. Now, to integrate KrispCall with Outreach, click on the Connect → button just below Outreach.

Step 4: Click on the Connect → button, only if the user has already logged in to the Outreach account. Now, the integration is directly done. You will be able to know that since an integration successful message appears on the screen.

Integration setting

As soon as you integrate Outreach into KrispCall, users can now enable/disable different settings. The first one is the general setting.

Point to remember: All the setting options for general and workflow settings will be on by default when the integration is done for the first time.

1. General Settings

In the three dots of active integration, you will see two options, i.e., edit and delete.

Under edit, there is a different list of settings.

When you click the edit option, the general setting will appear. Under this general setting, you can see three settings options available.

Create new contacts for calls: Add new contacts to the address book in Outreach. This option offers one-way contact syncing, i.e., contact created in KrispCall should be synced to Outreach if the toggle is on.
Contacts 2-Way sync: The contacts that are added and updated in KrispCall must synchronize in Outreach and vice versa. This option is helpful for two-way contact syncing, where the contacts created and updated in KrispCall are synced to Outreach and vice-versa only if the toggle is on. Also, when the toggle button is on, initial contacts in Outreach and KrispCall get synced to each other.
Noted logging: Helps to drop notes in call details. This option saves/syncs notes to Outreach only if the toggle is on.

2. Workflow settings

The workflow settings are just after the general settings. You can click /change the mouse pointer to open the workflow setting options. Under workflow settings, there are five settings options available.

You can log outgoing answered calls as “Calls (engagements) or Disabled.” If you disable it, the log of outgoing answered calls will not be saved/synced. Only by choosing calls (engagements) will the log of outgoing answered calls be saved/synced.
Again, you can log outgoing unanswered calls as “Calls (engagements)/ Disabled.” When you disable the log of outgoing unanswered calls, it will not be saved/synced. But by making calls (engagements), the log of outgoing unanswered calls will be saved/synced.
Log incoming answered calls as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled. As you disabled the log of incoming answered calls, it will not be saved/synced. But by making calls (engagements), the log of incoming unanswered calls will be saved/synced.
Log incoming unanswered calls as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled. If you disabled the log of incoming unanswered calls, it will not be saved/synced. But you can save/sync the log of incoming unanswered calls by making calls (engagements).
Likewise, Log voicemails as Calls (engagements)/ Disabled. The disable option will not save/sync the voice mails. But you can save/sync the log of voicemails by making calls (engagements).

3. Connected Numbers

After the workflow setting, the “Connected numbers setting” is used.

By changing/clicking the mouse pointer, the connected numbers setting option opens.

Under connected numbers, you will find only one option available.

Log phone calls for these phone numbers: It shows the list of available number options in the respective workspace. This setting helps to ensure the log of selected numbers will only be saved on Outreach.

Note: If no number is selected here, then call logs will not be synced in the respective CRM

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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