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How to upgrade or downgrade my subscription plan on KrispCall?

Want to generate advanced reports? Or maybe you need unlimited call recordings and storage for your team? You can do all of this and more after upgrading your plan.

Upgrading to Standard Plan

Assuming you have an Essential Plan, you can implement and relish more communication and administrative features in your business communications with our Standard Plan.

In addition to all features of the Essential Plan, you will have call transfer, IVR, more third-party integration options, and API & webhook access.

You can follow the following steps to upgrade your subscription to standard plan:

Step 1: Log in to your dashboard using your login credentials (email & password) that you used while creating your account.

Step 2: On the left-hand panel, click on the Settings, which opens up a Settings panel, where you can select the Plan Subscription.

Step 3: Under the Plan Subscription window, an Overview panel will show your current plan and other information. It also has a Change Plan where you need to click next.

Step 4: A new KrispCall Plans page will appear, presenting the available options. Click on the Choose button, under the Standard Plan, which will show a pop-up Plan Changed on the top confirming the change of plan.

The changes will take effect immediately. You can get in touch with our support team if that doesn't happen.

Upgrading to Enterprise Plan

Assuming that you have a Standard Plan in place now, you can enforce and enjoy more intricate communication features with an upgrade to Enterprise Plan.

In addition to all features of the Standard Plan, you will have Developer Support and a Dedicated Account Manager.

You can follow the same steps (shown above) to upgrade your subscription to an Enterprise plan, but you click on the Contact Sales button under Enterprise Plan at the end.

You can find a detailed process to subscribe to an Enterprise plan here.

Note: You can upgrade your plan to Enterprise from both Essential and Standard.

How billing works after upgrading

Suppose you upgrade your plan within a billing period. In that case, you'll automatically be charged the pro-rated difference in price between the Essential and Standard plans for the remaining time on your billing cycle.

Downgrading plans to Standard or Essential

It is the same as upgrading your plan; you follow the same steps until the end, when you choose a lower plan than your current plan.

The billing also works with the same mechanism but in reverse to that of upgrading a plan.

Updated on: 06/09/2023

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